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Cultural sensitivity and differences in aged care

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Cultural sensitivity and differences in aged care
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Residential aged care
April 6, 2020
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Aged care with dignity and respect

Aged care is a critical part of our society. When a person needs more support to retain their independence, in either a private residence or an aged care home, it is vital that this service is provided with dignity and respect.

Australia is home to a wonderfully diverse array of people from many cultures and heritages from around the world. Many of these culturally and linguistically diverse people will become residents of residential aged care facility. It is essential that the service and care provided to every resident, regardless of their heritage or background, is offered with sensitivity and understanding.

At Medical & Aged Care Group we focus on building relationships and connecting with our residents through various lifestyle-based activities. It is one of our key focus points to ensure that cultural diversity is valued and cherished.

Caring for every resident

At Medical & Aged Care Group we are devoted to providing a home-like environment for every resident in our eight locations across Melbourne. We are a family-owned business, and we place a lot of importance of family values such as respect, kindness, dignity, and individuality. We strive to provide the same family care and respect that we have for our own family to our residents and their families and loved ones.

When it comes to caring for our residents from linguistically and culturally diverse backgrounds, we do the following:

  • We ensure that ongoing training and education is provided for every staff member.
  • We employ culturally and linguistically diverse staff to care for our residents.
  • We provide comprehensive training in clinical and care skills and cross-cultural communication.

Many of our residents have Italian, Indian, Greek, and European heritage; among others. We value every resident's individual needs and work hard to ensure that dignity and freedom of expression are retained at every juncture.

Attending to the needs of our diverse residents

In many cases, our residents will speak a language other than English, which can make communication a challenge. We strive to educate every staff member on how to work with cultural sensitivity.

Dietary desires

We take care of incorporate any dietary requirements for our aged care residents as required.

  • Residents who have religious and cultural dietary requirements are respected with their food choices.
  • We include a range of menu options for our residents regardless of dietary preference or cultural requirements.

Every resident is considered when coordinating meals, and we always ensure that plenty of fresh and healthy menu choices are available regardless of diet.

Language services

When communicating with our resident, we know that many have linguistically diverse backgrounds with English as a second, third, or fourth language.

  • We ensure that cultural sensitivity is upheld at every juncture. When a particular form of address is expected, we take care to address clients using their preferred salutation.
  • We avoid any language or behaviour that may cause discomfort or embarrassment across cultures.
  • We engage the services of interpreters when required.
  • We engage external volunteers from the same heritage to spend time with our residents from different nationalities.
  • Language cards can also be used to assist with communication.

We take a great deal of care to ensure that every resident feels comfortable in our care, regardless of their background.

Spiritual needs

Retaining one's individuality and autonomy throughout life is a predictor of satisfaction in ageing. We ensure that the spiritual needs of our residents are met in whatever way suits them best, wherever possible.

Prioritising resident individuality

We have a deep and thorough understanding of the importance of autonomy and individuality in aged care. We understand that it is important that people are able to make their own decisions wherever possible, and retain their ability to care for themselves.

We work to promote the lifestyles of our residents and ensure that there is ample opportunity for people to express themselves freely, without fear of judgement or a lack of support. We know that for every resident, this is their home. We strive to make this home feel as homely and free as possible, while still offering a superior level of support and care for residents' changing needs.

  • Spiritual, cultural, and personal differences are respected, and residents are free to make choices about their personal activities and healthcare.
  • Despite having a level of reliance on our carers and team for personal needs and care, every resident is encouraged to retain their individuality and ability to choose.
  • Any cultural difference and cultural needs are incorporated into the provision of care. Our staff are trusted to always operate with dignity and respect for every resident.

At Medical & Aged Care Group, your loved one is treated with respect, and is looked after by carers from diverse backgrounds who receive training in cultural sensitivity. All our residents can pursue their indiviudal activities where safe to do so, such as gardening using mini greenhouses.

Medical & Aged Care Group For Cultural Sensitivity

Your cherished ageing family member will be treated with care and respect no matter their cultural background. We have a great deal of understanding about our residents and their families who are looking for a high standard of care and respect.

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