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Palliative Care

Specialised palliative care you can trust

At MACG, we provide specialised care and support for those living with terminal or chronic illnesses, as well as support for their families.

We use a personalised care approach to ensure your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs are taken care of during this difficult time. We are committed to providing the best possible palliative care in Melbourne and Victoria.

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We understand this is an emotional time. Let's talk about palliative care nursing homes.

Palliative care

Our personalised palliative care approach

At MACG, you're not only a resident—you're part of the family. Our warm and friendly care teams support you and those around you, while creating a comfortable home environment.

Palliative care—including palliative aged care—is about ensuring all your needs are taken care of. We offer clinical services to assist with pain management, as well as emotional care and spiritual support.

Palliative treatment and care services

  • High quality, 24-7 support from your care team
  • Access to allied health professionals
  • Daily living support
  • Spiritual and pastoral support
  • Compassion and dignity
  • Grief counselling
  • Additional support for families and caregivers

Homes with fewer beds and a warm environment

Warm and supportive care teams

Diverse lifestyle services and programs

Support for family and friends

Palliative care services

News from our aged care homes

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The palliative care home experience

This is a time in your life where we will treat you with respect, compassion, and dignity. Our care teams are highly experienced in palliative care, and work collaboratively with you to ensure you experience the care you need.

Palliative care support and services

Our homes are warm and welcoming, with excellent facilities. Our care teams are highly qualified and experienced, and we all share a passion for truly caring for other people. It's all about providing the best possible palliative care services and facilities in Melbourne.

  • Specialised palliative services
  • Support for all personal care requirements
  • Daily living support
  • Laundry and hotel services
  • Meals cooked to dietary requirements by catering staff
  • Pastoral care and spiritual support
  • Additional support for families and carers

An adaptive care approach to palliative care (end of life care)

We offer a range of lifestyle services to assist with pain management and pain relief, as well as overall wellbeing.

  • Meditation and relaxation
  • Cultural and spiritual wellbeing
  • Social, emotional, and pastoral support
  • Wellness clinic services
  • Seated Tai Chi
  • Walking groups
  • Physiotherapy
  • Pet and animal visits
  • Community fundraising
  • Personalised music therapy programs
  • Sensory programs

We travel the journey with you

Our multicultural and diverse care teams truly care about our residents. Many of our residents form close connections with both each other and our staff.

  • Our specialist team facilitates the palliative approach to care
  • You can receive spiritual support of your choice
  • Receive support from your community of other residents and care team

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9 homes across Victoria

We have 9 residential aged care homes across Melbourne and Victoria. Each one offers a warm and intimate environment and support from our friendly care teams.

Palliative Care Homes in Melbourne

What our residents have to say

Frequently asked questions

How will you support my family?

Our care teams work with you to establish a care plan you are happy with. This includes guardianship and advanced care directive, as well as offering support for your family, relatives, or representative. We support families at the end stage of life.

What conditions qualify for palliative care?

Many people believe palliative care is only offered at the end stage of life, but this is not true. For some people, a palliative approach may be beneficial from time of diagnosis with a serious life-limiting illness. You will undergo an assessment by the relevant medical service to understand if you, or a family member, requires palliative care.

Who will be involved in my care?

We will work with your medical team and designated representative or family member and—most importantly, you—to establish and deliver your care plan. Your medical team can include your GP, your illness specialist, a psychologist, and any other qualified medical professionals involved in your treatment.

Can my relative stay overnight?

Yes, we can provide space for family members to access for overnight stays. We will make arrangements with you at the appropriate time.

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