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Dementia respite care

Specialised dementia respite care tailored to the needs of our residents

Dementia can impair a variety of different cognitive functions, and can make day to day functioning difficult. Dementia care requires attentive, specialist attention.

At MACG, we have homes in 8 locations across Melbourne. With respite care and day respite programs, we've created a welcoming, homely environment in which we can help and support people with dementia.

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Respite care

Short term dementia care for your loved ones

At MACG, we offer short term stays at our homes for people with dementia, including those living with Alzheimer's disease. Our staff are qualified to help people living with dementia, and can tailor a care program to meet the needs of each individual.

All of our 8 homes across Melbourne and Victoria have everything we need to provide outstanding care. From activities to dietitian-approved meals, there's no better place for dementia respite care.

Dementia care services

  • Quality care from experts
  • Wellbeing and lifestyle programs
  • Dietitian-approved meals
  • Residential respite care
  • Respite day program activities

A community atmosphere in homes built with fewer beds

Family values are at the heart of everything that we do

An honest, transparent community

Care from experienced and qualified professionals

What's happening in our homes

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What's life like in MACG homes?

The buildings themselves are only a small piece of what makes MACG homes special. We're proud of our staff; they're attentive, friendly, and create a great atmosphere. We have specific programs and facilities to help people with dementia.

Making everybody feel at home

Our care homes are welcoming and friendly, with great facilities and expert staff. Regardless of whether a person is coming to stay for a short or a long time, we create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for them while we provide dementia care.

  • Qualified staff on call 24-hours a day
  • Laundry and hotel services
  • Long-term residential care
  • Palliative care
  • Specialised care services to suit everybody
  • Allied health services at additional cost
  • Dietitian-certified meals that taste great and are cooked on site

Creating a great lifestyle

Everybody has different needs and desires for their lifestyle. We go above and beyond to provide people with dementia with the best possible social, physical, and emotional wellbeing. We can facilitate participation in activities for people living with dementia like:

  • Reminiscence and mind support programs
  • Meditation and relaxation
  • Cultural and spiritual wellbeing
  • Social, emotional, and pastoral support
  • Mobility and wellness
  • Seated Tai Chi
  • Movement to music
  • Walking groups
  • Physiotherapy exercise classes
  • Pet and animal visits

Engaging with the community

At MACG, we support a number of charities but the real philanthropy begins with our residents and care teams. Our residents choose which local groups they'd like to support, and organise fundraising activities. From creating arts and crafts to sell in op shops, to bake sales and fundraising, the volunteer programs offer a sense of purpose.

  • Each home supports a specific local charity
  • All our homes raise funds for charities including Beyond Blue and Cancer Council Australia
  • Through cooking and baking, knitting and making crafts, many of our residents actively participate in charitable endeavours

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Our homes across Victoria

With 8 residential homes across Melbourne and regional Victoria, we provide warm, friendly, exceptional care across the state.

Our homes

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Frequently asked questions

What should I bring for a loved one who is coming in for dementia care?

Everybody coming to stay at an MACG home needs to bring along the following:

  • Current medication, medication charts, spare scripts, medical diagnosis
  • Toiletries
  • Clothing that has been labelled (we can arrange labels for you)
  • A list of cultural and/or dietary requirements so we can accommodate them
  • Completed paperwork, as required

We also encourage personal items to be brought along, to help personalise the resident's room.

When is respite care appropriate?

There are a number of reasons why a person with dementia might come in for respite care. We know that caring for a person with dementia can be difficult. Occasionally, carers need a short break. With our dementia and Alzheimer's care within our homes, we can look after your loved ones for a short or long term stay.

How is respite care different to the respite care day program?

When we refer to respite care, we mean a short stay in one of our homes. On the other hand, our respite day program is on offer for people who might be coming to stay for longer time, but want to see if they like our homes before committing. It's a non-committal trip, and helps inform decision making.

Can you cater for dietary requirements?

We absolutely can. When it comes to food, we go above and beyond with dietitian-approved meal plans. All food is cooked on-site in our professional kitchen.

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