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How to talk to your parents about aged care

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How to talk to your parents about aged care
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Residential aged care
March 6, 2020
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Explaining residential aged care to your loved ones

As our parents get older, the possibility of residential aged care quickly comes to mind. All families want to ensure that their elders have as much autonomy and independence as possible while they enjoy the comfort of their remaining years.

Broaching the subject of aged care can be a difficult step for everyone involved. The best thing you can do is offer your loved one the absolute best in service and treatment. By starting the conversation and exploring the options, you can work with them to find a solution that will provide an enjoyable and supported life.

Medical & Aged Care Group proudly offers comfortable, caring residential aged care to residents at all stages of life. Learn more about our inclusive homes and programs by visiting our website.

1. Start the conversation

Waiting for a decline in health or independence will not make the transition into aged care any easier for yourself or your parents. It's important to get on the front foot and involve your parents in a productive discussion of what will happen when the time comes to start looking at residential aged care facilities.

Here are some things to consider when starting the conversation about aged care:

  • Let your parents know that you have their best interests at heart, and that you want to work with them to find the best fit.
  • Involve other family members, like your siblings, in the discussion. It's important to have all perspectives and considerations covered before a decision is made.
  • Address conflict and stress if it arises. Simmering resentment can derail proactive discussions for months, even years.

2. Explore the options

A great way to promote acceptance and comfort through the transition into residential aged care is to investigate all available options. Your parents should be included in this process as much as possible, giving them a full understanding of what to expect before you plan for the future.

Find a good fit

Finding a good fit for your parents is not as hard as it seems. The best aged care provides all the comforts of home within a community of warmth, granting as many lifestyle opportunities as possible. Find a residential aged care home that provides:

  • 24-hour staffing with expert care teams on-hand
  • Specialised care services to attend to all residents
  • Allied health services and nursing staff
  • Nutritious, delicious meals cooked on site
  • On-site laundry and cleaning
  • Respite and palliative care

Thankfully, you don't have to look far to find all of the above. Medical & Aged Care Group offers all of these benefits at our homes, where we strive to create a comfortable home-like experience. We are a family owned business, and we know how important it is to care for family the way that they deserve to be treated.

Investigate the programs

A key element of effective aged care is building a sense of community and belonging. To create an engaging lifestyle for your parents, we host a range of fulfilling activities each week. These activities allow residents to continue living the life they want, while they build relationships with others.

Here are some great activities to keep an eye out for when choosing a provider:

Our lifestyle programs include:

  • Meditation and relaxation
  • Tai chi and movement to music
  • Walking groups and physiotherapy
  • Meal preparation and community engagement
  • Music, movie, and travel opportunities
  • Cultural and spiritual wellbeing
  • Social, emotional, and pastoral support
  • Sensory and reminiscence programs

Medical & Aged Care Group offers all of these engaging programs, and many more.

Visit the provider

When it comes to introducing your parents to residential aged care, seeing goes a long way towards believing. By bringing them to the chosen home and showing them just how comfortable they will be, you can build trust and help them mentally prepare for the transition.

MACG has a total of 9 warm and comfortable residential aged care homes around Victoria, each boasting all of the features detailed above. You can visit our locations page to learn more about each individual home, or book a tour to see what appeals in person.

3. Seek outside support

Talking to friends or peers with older parents can be a great way to align your expectations of what to expect. discussing aged care can be emotionally taxing, so it helps to seek the advice of other people in the same situation. You can use their experiences to effectively navigate your way through difficult conversations in the months and years to come.

Personal connections also grant you the opportunity to take your parents to visit other elders in aged care. You can bridge the gap between life at home and life in residential aged care by letting your parents talk to their peers and develop their own sense of understanding.

4. Reevaluate if necessary

The delivery of aged care is an inherently personal process. Your parent may not integrate well with the community that they choose — and this is perfectly normal. Reevaluation of care is essential in finding a comfortable, long-term solution.

Keep lines of communication open with your parents. Effective communication and transparent dialogue is the only way to ensure that everyone's needs are being met — especially those of your parents.

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