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Warm the heart of an elderly person, just by reminding them of how much they matter‍

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Warm the heart of an elderly person, just by reminding them of how much they matter‍
Northern Gardens
Samantha Freeman
Samantha Freeman
Group Marketing Communications Manager
October 11, 2021
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Warm the heart of an elderly person,just by reminding them of how much they matter

Brianna is a 13 year old Year 7 student who is passionate about caring for others and being creative.

The greatest impact is being separated from loved ones, friends and family, lockdown life has been a real challenge for everyone.

A “make” project during remote learning at Brianna's school was issued in August.

A disposable glove was filled with plain cooking flour creating a hand. Brianna often asks how residents are doing at Northern Gardens and is very aware that they too would be feeling a bit lonely.

Almost 2 months later, gradually, that 1 hand turned into 60!

One made for every resident with a handmade gift tag personalised with their name and a simple but special message to others missing social interaction “Please know you will also have my hand to hold”

Brianna was so proud of herself and delighted when invited to deliver them. She came to Northern Gardens to deliver these gifts to all residents.

Home Manger Susan was delighted when presented with these.

Residents smiled, and are still passing on messages to say thank you to the girl who gave me a hand to hold.


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