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How many hours of respite care are you allowed?

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How many hours of respite care are you allowed?
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February 3, 2021
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Find out how many hours of respite care you might be eligible for every year?

The relationship between a carer and an older person is a special one, but it can also be demanding. When you and your carer need some time to yourself, whether it is for a day, a couple of days, or a couple of weeks you can access respite care. With respite care, you will continue to enjoy the same great care you are used to in a warm and welcoming aged care home.

Respite care is subsidised by the government through the Commonwealth Home Support Programme. Through this program, you can access residential respite care which gives you and your carer the break you both need. However, respite care is only able to be claimed for a certain amount of time per year, and in this article, we will explore how many hours of respite you can claim.

Medical & Aged Care Group offers a welcoming environment for short and longer-term respite care for our residents and visitors in Melbourne and across Victoria. Speak to our friendly team of dedicated and experienced carers today.

How many hours of respite care can I claim every year?

Under the Commonwealth Home Support Programme, every person who is eligible for residential respite care can claim up to 63 days of respite care per financial year. This equates to 1,512 hours of respite care per person. It is also possible to extend your respite care allowance by up to 21 days at a time - but this must be done with the approval of an aged care assessor.  

You might be able to extend your 63 days of respite care in certain circumstances, including in situations when:

  • Your carer is unwell or requires more time off due to mental health reasons
  • Your care needs have changed and you require more intensive or specific care
  • An emergency prevents your carer from providing your care for an extended period of time

The first step in seeking residential respite care is to get in touch with your

Why do people seek respite care?

Respite care is intended as a positive experience for the carer and the person being cared for.

Respite care for carers

Carers can get emotionally and physically fatigued, and it is important to take a rest so that they can continue to provide the best possible care. A short break can work wonders for the mental health of a carer and give them time to recharge their batteries, safe in the knowledge that the person they care for is being looked after in a warm and welcoming environment.

Respite care for people being cared for

Respite care is not just in place to benefit carers, it is also intended to be a beneficial activity that provides a change in routine and some new experiences. Older people benefit from going into respite care because it offers a change of scenery and allows them to meet new people and to do new activities. Along with the change in scenery, respite care can be plain fun!

Respite care for people living with dementia

Dementia can cause a great many changes in cognitive functioning and personality. Our patients with dementia and Alzheimer's benefit from our attentive, dedicated,, and experienced care.

At Medical & Aged Care Group (MACG) aged care homes in Melbourne and across Victoria you will find a whole range of activities to get involved in.

What can you expect in residential respite care?

When you come to see us for a stay overnight, for a few days, a week, or longer you can expect to be welcomed straight away like a member of the family. MACG is a family-owned and operated business, and we believe in treating everyone with warmth, care, and respect. You will be shown to your own, private, safe, and well-equipped room, and then while you are with us you will enjoy high-quality residential respite care for the duration of your stay.

You'll also enjoy:

  • Delicious and nutritious meals cooked on-site, with all dietary and nutrition plans catered to
  • Participation in a wide range of activities and lifestyle programs
  • Wellbeing activities such as yoga, pamper sessions, cultural days, gardening, cooking, and meditation

Our residential respite care is a way to get a break for the weekend or a bit longer so that you can recharge and take some time away from your usual routine.

Contact MACG today and find out about residential respite care in Melbourne and Victoria

We have eight lovely locations in Melbourne and across Victoria and are dedicated to providing a welcoming and home-like environment in every one of our aged care homes. Contact our caring team at MACG today and find out about making a booking to come in and see us.

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