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Cancer palliative care

Compassionate palliative care for people with cancer

Palliative care is about specialised care at the end of life, when staying home is no longer an option. At MACG, we nurture people through medical care, social connection and spiritual fulfilment.

Our homes offer people a palliative approach for cancer. If you are searching for palliative end of life approach, read on to learn more about how we can help.

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Palliative care

Our approach to end of life care for people with cancer

Our qualified nursing team deliver 24/7 care, ensuring effective management of pain and discomfort. We provide warm, compassionate, holistic approach focused on quality specialised palliative care and support when staying at home is no longer an option., . The heart of our end of life care is about meeting every individual's physical, emotional and spiritual needs. We have a shared understanding of what the Resident and their family members are experiencing and together with external support from Palliative Care Services and grief counselling, families are well prepared for and supported through this journey.

End of life cancer care

  • 24 hours per day care from qualified nurses
  • Rapid admissions so we can provide care sooner
  • Programs for holistic support
  • Meals prepared onsite, with a dietitian-approved menu
  • Secure and comfortable homes with caring and understanding staff

A home-like environment so residents and their families can feel at ease

We take the time to get to know each resident's needs, wants, and life journey

We employ the most sought-after nurses in Australia, to provide medical care

A family-run organisation with family values

What's happening in our Palliative care homes

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Our MACG homes

Every human being deserves the finest care and comfort, especially at the end of their life. Our expert team are here to provide the most compassionate palliative cancer approach possible.

Our home is your home

Home is where love and comfort abound. MACG homes are no different. Everybody is cherished as an individual with a whole lifetime of stories and memories. It's why we encourage residents to bring their personal belongings and settle in wholeheartedly. And because we want every person to receive the individual care they deserve, we limit the number of beds.

  • Dedicated nursing staff ready to help 24/7
  • Tailored assistance for cancer palliative care
  • Allied health palliative care teams and specialists
  • Laundry service for maximum convenience and ease
  • Dietitian-curated menu of meals cooked onsite
  • Pain management programs

The best possible quality of life

Many different lifestyle options are available to enrich the lives of our residents. We cater for different abilities and health challenges, so people experiencing cancer palliative care can partake in the holistic activities they choose.

  • Visits from pets and animals
  • Massage to augment pain management
  • Sitting Tai Chi
  • Relaxation and meditation
  • Reminiscence and memory programs
  • Sensory courses
  • Community, emotional and pastoral support
  • Musical movement activities

Enriching links with the community

Local charities help residents participate in the community and wider society. Activities to suit all interests are on offer, plus opportunities to forge new friendships. Residents can:

  • Participate and volunteer to make crafts for sale at fundraisers
  • Work with Cancer Council Australia, Beyond Blue, and other wonderful local charities
  • Connect in service and fraternity with the community

Discover our cozy Victorian homes

With 9 homes in Melbourne and Victoria, we have many conveniently located homes.

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Frequently asked questions

What does your end of life cancer care involve?

Sometimes, it is not possible for people to receive home palliative care for cancer. Illnesses like cancer can often progress to needing full time care in a dedicated setting. At MACG, we take care of individuals physically, emotionally and spiritually, providing 24/7 care for those who need it.

Do you only offer palliative care for cancer?

We administer palliative care for many terminal conditions. Reach out to our team for more guidance on support we offer, including palliative care for cancer.

How expensive is palliative care?

Palliative care costs vary depending on several factors including:

  • the size of the home you select
  • home features you choose
  • the level of medical involvement

The MACG team can discuss unique needs and preferences, along with advice on care costs.

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