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Cardiac failure palliative care

Quality end of life care for people with heart failure

At MACG, we provide warm and compassionate homes and nursing for people undergoing end of life care. We can provide support for people with cardiac failure and congestive heart failure (also known as CHF).

We work to improve quality of life, and tailor palliative care to the individual. Read on to find out more about our homes and the help we can provide.

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Palliative care

Our approach to heart failure end of life care

Congestive heart failure patients can experience shortness of breath, fatigue, and many other symptoms. We focus on alleviating discomfort, with a 24/7 care provided by an excellent nursing staff.

We have small, cosy homes, with limited bed numbers. It's one of the ways we ensure that everybody gets personalised care.

End of life cardiac failure care

  • Programs that offer holistic support
  • Fast process for admissions so care starts ASAP
  • Cozy homes with wonderful staff
  • Meals prepared onsite by our talented team

Communities where residents and their loved ones can feel at home

We customise and tailor care to every individual

Only the best, sought-after nurses work in our teams

We're family run, so you get the personal touch

What's happening in our Palliative care homes

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MACG homes

It's important to get end of life care right. Our nursing staff are committed to providing palliative care for heart failure that upholds dignity and comfort.

Feel at home

We limit the number of beds available at our homes, because we want to preserve personal care. Everything we do is about providing the best for our individual residents. When people come to stay, we encourage them to bring their possessions and adorn their rooms as they see fit.

  • Allied health support
  • Laundry service
  • Dietitian-approved meals cooked on site
  • Programs to manage pain
  • 24/7 nursing from a qualified team
  • Personalised care for heart failure

Maximising quality of life

We support our residents with a range of lifestyle activities. These are many, varied, and can be adjusted to the specific individual abilities.

  • Meditation
  • Reminiscence courses
  • Sensory exploration programs
  • Communal, pastoral and emotional support
  • Animal visits
  • Massages for pain management
  • Mobility-accommodating Tai Chi
  • Kinetic musical activities
  • Physiotherapy plus exercise options

Part of the community

We partner with local and national charities to foster a sense of community and facilitate the building of new friendships. Residents at MACG homes are able to:

  • Volunteer by making crafts for fundraisers
  • Partner with local charities specific to the community
  • Work with national charities like Cancer Council Australia and Beyond Blue

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Our Victorian homes

We have 9 homes conveniently located across Melbourne and greater Victoria.

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Frequently asked questions

What does cardiac failure end of life care involve?

Cardiac conditions, like congestive heart failure, can necessitate palliative care. When the disease is severe, full time nursing care is needed. MACG homes look after a person's emotional, psychological and physical needs with qualified 24/7 support.

Can you provide palliative care for conditions other than cardiac failure?

We certainly can. Our team is capable of providing excellent palliative care for a range of different conditions, and maximise quality of life.

What does palliative care cost?

There are several factors that go into determining the cost of palliative care. For example, we take into account things like:

  • The home that is chosen
  • Specific room feature
  • The sort of medical care required

To get a more precise idea of the costs involved, reach out to our team and they'll be happy to take you through our pricing.

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