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Huntington's disease

Thoughtful dedicated palliative treatment for individuals with Huntington's disease

MACG nursing personnel provide tender palliative care to relieve suffering in the closing journey of life. We nurse people with terminal conditions across medical, social and spiritual dimensions.

Our tranquil homes uphold the dignity of life for people with Huntington's disease. Read on to learn more about the ways MACG can help when it comes to palliative care.

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Palliative care

Our approach to Huntington's disease end of life care

The seasoned nursing team at MACG care for residents 24/7, and concentrate in particular on pain management. Our treatment is peaceful and tender with the goal of increasing each person's quality of life.

Our mission and driving purpose is ensuring each human being is looked after in mind, body and soul.

End of life Huntington's disease care

  • Continual care from dedicated nursing personnel
  • Swift admissions mean proper care sooner
  • Holistic support programs
  • Meals made onsite and approved by specialist dietitians
  • Devoted staff and cozy homes

Lovely, comfortable homes for residents and their loved ones

Residents and their life stories are honoured and respected

The finest and most dedicated nurses in Australia

Family-owned and not run for corporate profit

What's happening in our Palliative care homes

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Our MACG homes

Everybody without exception should receive the best medical care when their lives are coming to an end. The nursing team here at MACG give palliative care to residents in keeping with their dignity and needs.

Our home is always your home

Your home is the tranquil centre of your life. That's why we encourage all our residents to decorate their residence with possessions, so they can feel safe and secure. And because we believe in the importance of tailored care and support, we limit the number of beds in our homes.

  • 24/7 nursing
  • Allied health services and support
  • Personalised Huntington's disease palliative care
  • Easy laundry service for total convenience
  • Onsite dietitian-created meals
  • Programs for pain management

The greatest possible life quality

A raft of fulfilling lifestyle activities are available to residents. We cater for all health conditions and abilities so that everybody experiencing Huntington's disease can participate.

  • Animal visits
  • Meditation
  • Pain-relieving massages
  • Reminiscence courses
  • Mobility-accommodating Tai Chi
  • Kinetic musical activities
  • Sensory exploration programs
  • Pastoral, emotional and social support
  • Physiotherapy/exercise options

Robust community connections

Local charities assist residents to participate in the community and broader society. There is a wealth of activities on offer to suit all interests, plus boundless opportunities for new friendships and connections. Residents can:

  • Fundraise at craft stores
  • Engage in volunteer work with local charities
  • Link  through service with marginalised members of society

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Frequently asked questions

What's involved with Huntington's disease end of life care?

Sometimes people with Huntington's disease need to shift from their own home to a dedicated aged care home in order to receive the care they need. Our MACG homes resolutely focus on meeting their bodily, psychological, social and pastoral needs in a 24/7 setting.

Do you provide palliative treatment outside of Huntington's disease?

Yes, we do. Palliative treatment is provided for any and all terminal conditions. To get more information please contact us.

How expensive is Huntington's disease palliative care?

The cost of palliative nursing depends on a variety of factors such as:

  • choice of home
  • chosen home features and adaptations
  • the nature of the required medical care

We can explore particular needs or preferences, and answer questions regarding expenses and other matters.

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