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Motor neurone disease palliative care

Attentive palliative care for individuals with motor neurone disease

At MACG, we provide palliative care to alleviate conditions associated with motor neurone disease at end of life. We nurture people with medical services, social connections and spiritual pathways.

Our peaceful homes are designed to uphold the dignity of people with motor neurone disease. Read on for further information about how MACG can help.

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Palliative care

How MACG approaches end of life care for motor neurone disease patients

Our specialist nurses provide care 24/7 to ensure effective remedy for pain and discomfort. We provide holistic and compassionate treatment focused on increasing quality of life. The central goal of end of life care at MACG is to fulfil a person's needs in body, mind and spirit.

End of life motor neurone disease care

  • Everpresent care with expert nurses
  • Quick admissions process for the delivery of care sooner
  • Holistic pastoral programs
  • Dietitian-endorsed meals made onsite
  • Peaceful and cozy homes with warm staff

An inviting home environment for residents and family members

All residents receive treatment informed by their needs, wants and life journey

Australia's most sought-after nurses provide Australia's best medical care

A family-guided organisation animated by family values

What's happening in our Palliative care homes

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Our MACG homes

Every individual deserves the best comfort and care, particularly in the final phase of their life. Our palliative specialists offer the most compassionate care possible for palliative patients

Our home becomes your home

Comfort, warmth, love. All should abound in a home. Everybody in MACG homes are cherished and nurtured, their lifetime of stories memories upheld as meaningful and important, with residents encouraged to bring personal belongings. We limit the number of beds in our homes to ensure every resident receives tailored, attentive care. Just like they deserve.

  • 24/7 nursing team
  • Personalised motor neurone disease palliative care
  • Integrated allied health offerings with specialists in motor neurone disease
  • Optional laundry service
  • A dietitian's menu of meals created onsite
  • Pain mitigation programs

Everything to improve quality of life

Numerous lifestyle options for the pleasure and relaxation of our residents. We tailor offerings for differing abilities and health levels, so those individuals experiencing motor neurone disease palliative care participate and find meaningful daily activities.

  • Animal visits
  • Massages to combat pain
  • Mobility-adapted Tai Chi
  • Relaxing meditation
  • Reminiscence courses
  • Sensory experience programs
  • Communal and emotional pastoral assistance
  • Music therapy to significantly improve symptoms of pain, anxiety, depression, and shortness of breath, among others.

Fulfilling community connections

In conjunction with local charities, residents actively participate in wider society. Activities for all interests are offered, plus the opportunity to create new friendships. Residents can:

  • Volunteer to produce and sell crafts at fundraisers
  • Team up with Beyond Blue, Cancer Council and other charities to do good in the world
  • Engage in various forms of community service for the less fortunate

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We have 9 conveniently located homes throughout Melbourne and broader Victoria.

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Frequently asked questions

What does motor neurone disease end of life care entail?

It is always possible to provide home palliative care for motor neurone disease. Conditions such as motor neurone disease frequently progress to the point of requiring dedicated full-time care. At MACG, we are committed to nursing individuals and meeting their needs across physical and other dimensions.

Is motor neurone disease the only condition you treat palliatively?

Not at all, MACG can administer palliative treatment regardless of the specific terminal condition. Our team can provide further guidance, including palliative treatment for motor neurone disease.

How costly is palliative care?

The expenses associated with palliative care depend on a number of things including:

  • The home you choose
  • The features of this home you choose
  • The intensity and scale of necessary medical treatment

We can explore the unique needs of every resident, along with information on care requirements and costs.

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