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Parkinson's disease

Palliative treatment and dedicated care for individuals with Parkinson's disease

The nursing personnel at MACG offer palliative care for all who need it at the end of their lives. We nurse every individual with tenderness no matter their terminal condition.

Our calm and loving homes uphold the dignity of all people with Parkinson's disease. For more information, read on and learn how MACG can help with palliative care.

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Palliative care

MACG's approach to Parkinson's disease end of life care

Our seasoned, dedicated nursing team support patients round the clock, with treatment centred on managing pain and increasing life quality. Every individual in our homes is cared for in mind, body and soul.

End of life care for Parkinson's disease

  • 24/7 care from seasoned palliative nurses
  • Swift admissions process
  • Holistic support programs
  • Dietitian-certified onsite meals
  • Snug, peaceful homes staffed by professional nurses

Toasty, congenial homes for the comfort of residents and their loved ones

Our residents and their stories are honoured

Australia's finest nurses are sought out to work in our homes

Family-run, not corporate-pillaged

What's happening in our Palliative care homes

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Our MACG homes

Every human being ought to receive the finest medical and pastoral care in the final stages of their life. The specialist nursing personnel here in MACG homes do just that, providing palliative care that maintains the dignity of all.

Home is what our residents choose

We want our homes to be just how residents want. To that end, we encourage them to bring their possessions, trinkets, knick-knacks, photographs and memories. Nothing is more important than serenity and familiarity of a man or woman's castle. And since we are dedicated to preserving a personal touch and sense of community in our homes, the number of beds is also limited.

  • Dedicated 24/7 nursing
  • Personalised Parkinson's disease palliative care
  • Pain management programs
  • Dietitian-curated meals made onsite
  • Allied health support
  • Ultraconvenient laundry services

Striving for the best possible life quality

Lifestyle activities of every stripe are offered to our residents, for fun, relaxation and health. All medical conditions and persona abilities are taken into account and adjusted for, so everybody with Parkinson's disease can participate.

  • Personal, social and spiritual assistance
  • Animal visits
  • Meditation
  • Tai Chi
  • Physiotherapy and exercise
  • Kinetic musical activities
  • Pain management massages
  • Reminiscence courses
  • Sensory programs

Strong community connections

Our residents are supported by charities to participate in the community and get involved with wider society. Activities for every interest are available, as well as the opportunity to create new ties and friendships. MACG residents may:

  • Volunteer to make and sell crafts for fundraisers
  • Team up with charitable organisations
  • Perform service by reaching out to the marginalised

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Frequently asked questions

What does end of life care for Parkinson's disease involve?

At times, it is unavoidable that people need to move from home into a dedicated setting and given round the clock care by nurses. MACG homes ensure individuals have their physical and other needs met 24/7.

Do you offer palliative care for conditions other than Parkinson's disease?

We offer palliative treatment for every terminal condition. Please get in touch to speak with our team about the many options we have available.

How much money does palliative care cost?

The cost of palliative care very much depends on various factors, like:

  • a resident's choice of home
  • the home's size and modifications
  • the level and continuity of required care

We are available to discuss particular preferences or needs, and can answer all questions about services.

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