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Respiratory failure palliative care

Compassionate and expert palliative treatment for people with respiratory failure

The nursing team at MACG provides palliative care to alleviate suffering in the concluding passage of life. We nurse those with terminal conditions medically, socially and spiritually.

Our serene homes strive to uphold the dignity and quality of life of individuals with respiratory failure. Read on to discover more information about how MACG is helping with palliative care.

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Palliative care

How we approach respiratory failure end of life care

Our qualified, seasoned nursing team care for residents 24/7, focusing on pain management. We offer peaceful, tender treatment centred on increasing quality of life. Our mission throughout end of life care is to make sure every individual is looked after in body, mind and soul.

End of life respiratory failure care

  • Continuous care by qualified nurses
  • Fast admissions so we can offer care soon
  • Holistic support programs
  • Onsite meal prepared from a dietitian-crafted menu
  • Peaceful, cozy homes with devoted staff

Pleasant homes so residents and loved ones can feel comfortable

We get to know all our residents and their stories

Only the most sought-after nurses in Australia work in our teams

Run by a family and not a corporation

What's happening in our Palliative care homes

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Our MACG homes

All individuals ought to receive the best quality medical care at the end of their lives. The nursing staff at MACG provide palliative care that upholds the dignity and comfort of everyone.

Our home means your home

Your home is the serene centre of your world. At MACG we want that to continue and encourage every resident to adorn their home with their possessions. And because we want to preserve the special individual character of our homes, we limit the number of beds.

  • Steadfast nursing 24/7
  • Personalised respiratory failure palliative care
  • Allied health support
  • Convenient laundry service
  • Onsite dietitian-endorsed meals
  • Pain management programs

The highest possible life quality

A full spectrum of lifestyle activities are offered to support the lives of residents. Different abilities and health conditions are catered for, so all experiencing respiratory failure can participate freely.

  • Animal visits
  • Pain management massages
  • Mobility-accommodating Tai Chi
  • Meditation
  • Reminiscence courses
  • Sensory exploration programs
  • Pastoral, communal and emotional support
  • Kinetic musical activities
  • Physiotherapy plus exercise options

Rich community connections

Charities aid residents with community involvement and participation in wider society. A wealth of activities for all interests are on offer, along with the opportunity for new friendships and ties. Residents at MACG can:

  • Get involved as volunteers for craft fundraisers
  • Partner with local charities such as Cancer Council Australia and Beyond Blue
  • Link with the marginalised through service

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Frequently asked questions

What does respiratory failure end of life care involve?

Occasionally, it is necessary for people to move from home to receive respiratory failure palliative care. Illnesses such as respiratory failure sometimes develop to the point of requiring full time nursing in dedicated locations. MACG homes ensure the physical, psychological, emotional and other needs of individuals are met in 24/7 care.

Is palliative care available for other conditions beyond respiratory failure?

Yes, palliative options are available for all terminal conditions. For further guidance on how we can help, including with palliative respiratory failure, please contact our team.

Is palliative care costly?

The costs associated with palliative nursing are a function of several factors such as:

  • the chosen home
  • features of the chosen home
  • scope and intensity of the medical care involved

We can discuss specific needs and preferences, as well as answer queries on costs and nursing services.

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