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NDIS funding for respite care

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NDIS funding for respite care
NDIS funding for respite care
Day Respite
January 14, 2021
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National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) funding for respite care explained

Is respite care is provided under the NDIS? The short answer is — yes, it is. Respite care is short term or temporary care which is provided to give a person and their caregiver a break from usual duties and routine. We are going to look at what is considered when seeking respite care under the NDIS.

The relationship between an older person and their carer, whether their carer is a family member or a paid worker, is a vital component of ageing with dignity and respect. However, when a carer needs a break from their duties, whether for a day, a short term period or in an emergency, respite care is critical to ensure a seamless transition from everyday care.

At Medical and Aged Care Group residences, we are committed to providing a warm and welcoming environment for short term and day respite care. We have a range of locations across Melbourne and are available for respite care today.

If you'd like to know more about how to access NDIS funding for respite care, get in touch with the team at MACG. We would be happy to help you through the process.

What is respite care?

The support network required to assist someone to live in their own home or assisted living facility often consists of family members who provide care, or paid carers who are employed as live-in, full-time, or part-time carers.

  • Respite care is a way of ensuring that people have access to secure and reliable care at a time when their carer is temporarily unable to provide their usual support.
  • Respite care may be informal, where another family member or carer steps in to fulfil duties while a usual carer has a break; or it may be more formal where a person stays in an aged care home for a day or short-term period.

Respite care doesn't have to be stressful, and at MACG we find that the short break can often be a positive experience. Both parties enjoy a change from their usual activities, and older people visiting MACG experience new scenery and routine and meet new people.

  • Respite care is useful when a carer has a holiday coming up, or an illness that they might need time off from their duties to recover from.
  • Choosing an aged care home where the focus is on a seamless transition into a new environment is critical to ensuring a comfortable experience.

Every one of our residences provides a warm and welcoming environment to ensure every visitor feels right at home from the moment they arrive.

How can respite care help you?

NDIS and respite care

Respite care is used by people for a whole range of reasons; you do not need a specific purpose to engage in respite care. A break from the routine of full-time care can be a refreshing and welcome change for both the older person and their carer.

  • Got an emergency situation? Emergency respite care can be accessed in situations when something unexpected happens.
  • You may want to experience some independence or your carer may need to take a break - in which case respite care can provide a much-needed change of scenery.

How to access respite care under the NDIS

As with all claims made under the NDIS, a claim for respite care can be implemented where the claim is reasonable and necessary. You and your carer can go through the process of accessing NDIS support together.

  • Be prepared for your NDIS plan or plan review meeting and know what you are looking for. That way you are sure to receive the right level of cover for your needs.
  • Consider the long term needs of both the person needing care and their carer. Respite care is a necessary part of health and wellbeing - especially mental health.
  • Respite care might something that you plan for a few hours each week, or it might be for a couple of days every month.

The NDIS is flexible with how you can choose to receive respite care —  in that as long as your respite care is reasonable and necessary it is eligible for approval.

Top tip: It can be a useful activity to plan for the year ahead and pre-arrange your respite care if you know that there might be holidays your carer is planning or any breaks during the year.

What does MACG offer you in terms of respite care?

Our family-owned care homes are located across Melbourne, so there is bound to be an aged care home close to you and your local community.

MACG have locations in Traralgon and Parkdale, as well as a host of other friendly aged care homes ready to welcome you for a day visit or a short-term period of respite care.

When you visit us you will enjoy our range of respite care services, including:

  • Meals
  • Laundry and room services
  • Access to a full suite of lifestyle programs including gardening and outdoor programs
  • Walking groups
  • Baking groups
  • Meditation
  • Sensory programs

We are committed to ensuring that every person who comes to stay with us at our MACG aged care homes is provided with care that is as close to their usual care experience as possible.

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